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Arifin Shuvoo shared a poster on his official Facebook handle yesterday, captioning, “What’s coming?”. It was revealed today afternoon what is actually coming. The Tollywood star has signed a contract for a new film titled, “Neelchakra”. 

The film is being directed by Mithu Khan, while Nazim Ud Daula and Mithu Khan have worked on the screenplay and storyline for the film. The shooting for the film is set to begin in the coming days.

Confirming the news of his involvement in this new film, Arifin Shuvoo shared with The Daily Star, “Audiences will get to see a contemporary story. The pattern of the story is dark, and there is more to it. I don’t want to reveal everything now.”

Apart from Arifin Shuvoo, the film, produced by Foyz’s Production and presented by Life Production, features actors such as Mondera Chakraborty, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Deepanwita Martin, Shahed Ali, Tiger Ravi, Monir Ahmed Shakil, Priyontee Urbi, Masum Reza, Dollar, and many others.

Recently, the actor starred in the film “Mujib: The Making of a Nation”, which has been released.

Source- The Daily Star

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